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Gary Byatt information technology services, West Midlands

Affordable IT services
for small businesses
in the West Midlands

Gary is also a WiFi expert

IT services provided
  • Installing and maintaining wireless networks (Wi-Fi)
  • System design and modification
  • Software
    • selection, installation, maintenance
    • compatibility and licensing issues
    • programming
  • Hardware
    • computer installation and configuration
    • wired networks
    • internet connection setup
    • printer and other connected equipment setup
    • hardware repairs
  • Data management
    • data sharing
    • database management system and database provision
    • data search
    • data migration and porting
    • use of web services, clouds, ecosystems
  • Interaction
    • email, website, blog, forum, RSS feed, video
    • online advertising
    • social media to increase interaction
  • Data and internet security
    • data backup
    • data encryption
    • data mirroring
    • data recovery
    • selecting and configuring a firewall
    • anti-virus and anti-malware tools
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Training

Please ask if what you need is not listed above, it is very likely that I can help.
Gary Byatt's specialisation
  • I provide a full spectrum of IT services, but my specialism is in installing and configuring wireless networks.
  • In addition I keep my clients informed of the latest software and services that can advantage their businesses.
Specialists network
  • Extensive IT knowledge and experience enable me to address all your IT requirements.
  • Where necessary I can call on a network of trusted IT specialists. Teams can be assembled to address a project much more effectively and at a lower cost than traditional IT consultancies with their more static workforce and higher fixed costs.
professionalism and expertise
  • I have extensive professional IT experience developed in a variety of projects and businesses over many years as an IT consultant and programmer at the top of my profession. I also have a BSc in Computer Science and I am still active in research.
  • Effectiveness in IT requires awareness of developments in technology. My passion for technology ensures that I am always informed about what is possible, and what will soon be possible.
  • I am most interested in IT that drives business efficiency, so I can be trusted to provide IT with a tangible return on investment.
  • Expertise combined with low overheads enables me to provide excellent value for money IT services.
  • Skilled, experienced, professional, and approachable; I provide accessible IT expertise.
helping your business
  • Pay only for what you need; no rolling contracts or on-going fees.
  • The ideal amount of time and money spent on IT is not easy to achieve, but getting it right will give your business a competitive edge. Objectivity helps me advise you on the classes of products and services that will improve efficiency in your business, and those that will not.
  • The essence of good IT provision is selecting the most appropriate products and services from each class. Continual monitoring of developments in products and services, combined with research, enables me to advise on those most suitable for your business.
  • Assessing risk is often difficult and getting it wrong can be disastrous. Specialist knowledge and experience enable me to advise on risk avoidance and mitigation, and remedial action where risks turn into problems.
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