More wireless data

Imec and Panasonic have developed a 40nm low-power low-cost CMOS device implementing the IEEE 802.11ad standard – which transports high bandwidth data over a short range. At 7Gbps over short distances it is faster than the 5Gbps provided by USB 3.0.

High bandwidth short range wireless technology will enable many new applications for fast connections that are also intrinsically more secure than wider reaching networks. However this low power version requires more development before it is ready for commercial applications.

802.11ac Wi-Fi equipment available in June

Buffalo have announced their AirStation WZR-D1800H equipment will be available in June with 802.11ac. It includes a 2.4GHz 802.11n radio for backward compatibility.
Smallnetbuilder says the Buffalo WLI-TX4-1300H model will be 802.11ac only.
Netgear announce R6300 for 802.11ac

Better wireless chip improves possibilities

Low power Bluetooth and better battery life will allow users of mobile devices to leave Bluetooth running for longer. This makes connecting to Bluetooth beacons to find indoor location viable. Unfortunately the discovery phase of the Bluetooth protocol is slow limiting its usefulness as the device moves quicker.
Broadcom has announced their BCM4752 chip with support for 802.11ac and low-power Bluetooth. Naturally the new chip is smaller and uses less power.
New Broadcom 4752 chip for wireless comms