Relative size of big IT businesses

Last quarter revenue reported in billions of $:
Apple 46.333
IBM 24.7
Microsoft 20.885
Google 10.645

Interesting observations:
The iPhone was the biggest contributor to Apples revenue at 24.4. The next biggest was the iPad at 9.153.

6.279 of Microsoft’s revenue came from it business division with three other divisions between 4.2 and 4.8 but their on-line services made a 0.458 loss.

Advertising was responsible for 10.225 of Google revenue, 69% of which came from their own websites with 27% from their network member’s websites.

Apple’s profits are very dependent on two of its products. Google’s profits are highly dependent on advertising revenue from its own websites. Despite online services being well established, Microsoft is making a loss where others make money. IBM is largely out of the media eye, but it is still hugely profitable and has a diverse balanced range of interests that make it less susceptible to disruption.