IT users

Observations and comments on information technology for users.

Backup your data
I have several backup solutions that I recommend depending on client requirements, but my personal favourite tool at the moment for individuals and small businesses is SpiderOak. Normally if you sign-up you get 2GB of free storage, but anyone using my link gets 3GB free:
Sign-up using this link for an extra 1GB free
SpiderOak allows you to backup multiple devices on a single account. This enables file sharing and file synchronisation across the devices. They also allow remote access to your files through a web interface i.e. a browser. So it combines backup with some file sharing features. Naturally solutions for larger businesses can cost a lot more.

Mobile IT
Recent growth in mobile information technology is creating an important shift in the way people interact and work. A permanently on highly portable device that acts as a personal assistant organising one’s life is now a reality. Incremental improvements will make it an essential tool rather than just the advantage it is now. An increasing array of sensors and connections to other equipment and services will improve its understanding of its owner and environment. Its function as a communication device will become less significant as it takes over orchestrating the details of its owner’s life. It will become so fundamental to our lives that laws will be passed to treat its theft as more than just theft of property.

Fewer cables behind your TV
Three competing wireless standards: wireless home digital interface (WHDI), WirelessHD, and Wireless Gigabit (WiGig) are the leading candidates to help replace all those cables behind your TV that interconnect devices. WiGig/802.11ad is the last of these is to be available in 2012 or 2013, but as a Wi-Fi standard that leading companies have signed up to it is expected to have the greatest long term success.
Consumer electronics to communicate wirelessly